Brave Body Yoga


Brave Body Yoga is for every body, no matter your shape, size, ability or flexibility! These are small, intimate classes in a safe & welcoming environment, taught by Michelle Hess in Eureka, Ca. While these classes are designed for newbies and beginning yogis, all levels will appreciate the time to slow down and reconnect with their spirit while nurturing their bodies

There are two unique components in Brave Body Yoga: One is the opportunity to have a worshipful experience in your body using Yahweh Yoga styled classes. These are Christ centered offerings that range from ultra gentle "Relax & Restore" type classes to a "Gentle Journey" slow flow.

The second unique component is Michelle's Curvy Yoga training! This allows for larger bodies to be taught in the best way suited for how they move. If you have a larger body and have tried traditional yoga classes, you know how challenging that can be at times when teachers don't have the training to work with your body shape!

All classes are for men and women. And all classes blend the spiritual and curvy training of your teacher.


Stretch Relax Restore

A deeply relaxing experience. Stretching and breathing with many postures on the back and supported with comfortable bolsters and blankets to help you relax, center your mind and stretch your body head to toe. A perfect class to include in your weekly practice. Great for everyone – beginners, prenatal and athletes. A 6 week series with a free first class (7 total)

$60.00 USD