Escape From Perfection Prison To A Life Of Pleasure, Purpose & Passion


“Your BFF is designed to take you from body unhappiness to body love. This 3 month interactive program involves online sessions with myself and the group members. I designed this program to go much deeper than quickie non-interactive programs. We learn best when surrounded by supported community.”

Core Concepts

“You’ll dive into core concepts like how to rewire the brain, short-circuit reactivity, cultivate compassion, find freedom from chain-reaction ”bad body” thinking, and let go of judgment, blame, and shame.... . . this course can open your heart to vulnerability, awaken true intimacy, and transform your relationship with yourself and others.”

Change that Lasts

“Google can give you facts, resources and information up the wazoo, but knowledge is only potential power. Without action you have a head full of intellectual stuff that gets you nowhere in life. If you are missing some vital truth, we’ll fill in the gaps, for sure, and then, assist you with putting that into action in your life for real lasting change.”

Body Freedom Means...

You’ll finally escape from diet prison and learn how to negotiate a win-win with your body and food, so that you don’t feel enslaved to what, when and how you eat...You can release yourself from negative emotions like guilt, shame, self-loathing and disgust, and end those feelings that keep you in bondage...You’ll dramatically reduce your anxiety and fill yourself with the power of ever expanding love...If you’re in a partnership, then you can have much better sex and intimacy - because when you loathe your body, or are uncomfortable being naked, your sexual intimacy will suffer...If you’re single, being comfortable with your body can be the very thing that attracts YOUR ideal man...You will increase your emotional, physical intimacy and capacity for pleasure in all areas of life...You can even improve your financial situation, while increasing your capacity to receive and not waste money trying to fill yourself up with substitutes for true self-worth...And finally, you’ll end the exercise war and learn how to incorporate joyful, life giving physical movement to support your body and mind needs.